A way to turn a HTTP client into a service provider

What is AjaxSync?

There are different answers to that question. However each answer covers only a part of the truth.

  • It is a JavaScript COMET framework, that means, it can trigger real-time reactions in a web browser. That part of AjaxSync depends only on Ajax and is available even in very old and exotic web browsers. Read more
  • It is a Remote Procedure Call (RPC) mechanism, that means, you can export functions and make them accessible across the network. You can do that not only from the JavaScript in your web browser, but from applications written in nearly any programming language. Read more
  • It is a peer-to-peer-like way to bypass firewalls. As long as you have web access you can export and access functions. Read more
  • It is a "poor man's" Enterprise Service Bus (ESB). As said before, you can export and access functions not only from your web browser, but from applications too. The flow of information is controlled by your AjaxSync server. Read more
  • While its primary goal is to deliver messages / procedure calls in real time, it contains buffer and timeout mechanisms which can make message delivery as reliable as EMail. Read more

In short, it is something new :-).

AjaxSync is published under the Gnu General Public License version 2 (GPL). Probably in future there will be a dual licensing scheme for commercial users.